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Pillow bearings, or pillow block bearings, are usually an anti-friction bearing housed with a machined mounting surface. The shaft is parallel to the mounting surface and typically perpendicular to the mounting screws. They are a type of housed bearing unit used in mechanical power transmission systems to support shafts and couplings.

High performance pillow block bearings offer load ratings ranging from 800 to 12,500 pounds, and a low coefficient of friction helps to achieve speeds up to 25 feet per second.

Accent Bearings ensures you have the best shaft mount device and seal to prolong your pillow block bearing life. When properly installed pillow block bearings can last years without needing to be replaced, which is good because when your bearing housing needs replacement it is recommended to change the entire unit because just the housing is 80% of the cost.

Pillow block bearings are used for lightweight applications and plummer block bearings are used to transfer high power and support heavy industrial loads.

The two most common causes of premature pillow block bearing failure are lack of lubrication and misalignment. Excessive load vibration, improper installation, and standard wear and tear are also reasons for needing your pillow block bearing replaced.