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Needle bearings are roller bearings that prevent friction in tight spaces with low rational speeds.

Needle bearings, being a roller bearing, are able to withstand two to eight times the amount of load than ball bearings, while also being much more compact.

There are four types of needle roller bearings: thrust roller needle bearings, caged roller needle bearings, drawn cup needle roller bearings, and precision race needle bearings. Their structure consists of an outer raceway, a cage to contain the needle rollers, and an inner race or shaft.

Loose needle roller bearings use rollers that are three to ten times in length compared to the diameter.

They are usually carburized steel allow and lubricated in grease, however in heavy-duty or high-speed applications oil or oil-mist lubrication is needed.

Needle bearings revolutionized bearing technology over 70 years ago by providing guidance of the needles by using a cage because they can withstand oscillation with higher rigidity than most other options.

Common applications for needle bearings are aviation cargo systems, engines, heavy equipment and machinery, solar panels, medical equipment, and other roller bearing applications that are limited in space.

Accent Bearings has the technical expertise to find the right needle bearing you need for your tight space and other technical requirements.